All proceeds support Nurses of Pennsylvania.

As of March 24th our printer has closed operations as it is not an essential service. Until printing and shipping services are able to restart, we are pausing our store in order to prevent confusing orders that may take weeks or months longer than anticipated to fulfill.

We’re selling quality, comfortable safe patient limits shirts, mugs, signs, hoodies, and more on our new store! All money raised will help fund nurses' efforts to advocate for safe patient limits, while also helping you to spread the word about safe staffing!

You can also support our advocacy by contributing directly to Nurses of PA. Receive a $10 credit to this store if you make your contribution recurring by becoming a monthly sustainer. If you sign up to give $25 a month or more, you get a $30 credit to this store.

About Nurses of PA

Nurses of Pennsylvania is a grassroots movement of nurses from all across PA, joining together to use our power in numbers to advocate for safe patient limits and build power to take our patient advocacy from the bedside to the legislature. To learn more, visit our website at